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The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), University of Oxford & Phenomenology and Mental Health Network

The Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice, St. Catherine’s College

Diversity and Mental Illness (one-day workshop)| 24th of October 2018, University of Oxford

The workshop is a part of TORCH’s annual headline series Humanities & Identities

Organizers: Marcin Moskalewicz & Bill Fulford

Click here for more information.



Special Issue on Shared Decision Making

Submissions for consideration of publication on the relationship between shared decision making and recent work in evidence-based medicine, values-based practice and person-centred healthcare, are now cordially invited from clinicians, philosophers or other academics. Additionally, we also welcome papers for the 2019 philosophy thematic issue that do not fit the particular theme of Shared Decision Making, but which represent excellent examples of the application of philosophy to questions of substantive import in medicine and healthcare.

Manuscripts can be submitted online using the link http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jecp – please mark the submissions clearly with the words “Philosophy Thematic Issue 2019 – Shared Decision Making Special Section” OR “Philosophy Thematic Issue 2019 – General”. The deadline for submission of all manuscripts is 1st March 2019Peer review will be expedited, and accepted papers published rapidly thereafter. For any questions about possible submissions please e-mail Professor Michael Loughlin: michael_loughlin@ymail.com

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The European Research Institute presents: Belief, Imagination, and Delusion (University of Birmingham| 6th-7th November 2018)

Submissions of papers are invited for a conference on the topic of Belief, Imagination, and Delusion.

Conference Theme

This conference aims to bring together researchers interested in the nature of belief, imagination, and delusion formation, to reflect on interactions between these areas. The conference will invite researchers working on the nature of belief or imagination to approach delusions as a case study against which to reflect on their views. Researchers interested in delusion formation will be asked to reflect on accounts of the nature of belief and imagination, and how those fit with models of delusion formation.

Invited Speakers

Sophie Archer (University of Oxford)

Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (University of Miami)

Ryan McKay (Royal Holloway)

Paul Noordhof (University of York)

Lucy O’Brien (University College London)

Matthew Parrott (University of Birmingham)

Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex)

Suitable questions might include but are not limited to:

1.     Are delusions aimed at truth?

2.     Are delusions governed by norms of belief?

3.     What is the role of imagination in delusion formation?

4.   Might subjects with delusions be engrossed in fictions which make sense of their experiences?

5.    What bearing do non-standard features of delusions have on their doxastic status?

Submissions should be up to 3000 words in length, starting with an abstract of 100-200 words. Submissions should be prepared for anonymous review and sent to Tom Baker at TXB486@student.bham.ac.uk no later than Wednesday 1st August. Please include your name, institutional affiliation, and title of your paper in the body of the email or as a separate document. Papers will be reviewed by members of the philosophy faculty at the University of Birmingham. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by the end of August. Accepted speakers will have their registration and accommodation for the duration of the conference paid, as well as travel costs of up to £100. Any queries should be sent to the conference organiser, Ema Sullivan-Bissett, at e.l.sullivan-bissett@bham.ac.uk<mailto:e.l.sullivan-bissett@bham.ac.uk> Further information will soon be available here: https://www.emasullivan-bissett.com/conference-2018.html


3rd International Mental Health Meeting of Romão de Sousa Foundation: Open Dialogue and Reflective Processes in Mental Health (Lisbon| 24th of November 2018)

Working with families, communities and networks

The meeting will take place in Lisbon on the 24th of November 2018, preceded by a number of practical workshops on the 23rd of November (please see the provisional program here).

The international meeting will be preceded by a 3-Day residential training event called “Living Learning Experience”, chaired by Professor Rex Haigh (UK NHS and University of Nottingham). See here.


Symposium on Metaphysics of Psychopathology &   International Workshop on Philosophy of Psychiatry ( University of Tokyo| December 1 & 2, 2018)

A Japanese translation of Peter Zachar’s latest book “A Metaphysics of Psychopathology” has been just published this summer. The translators and their colleagues invite Prof. Zachar to Tokyo for discussing on the basic concepts in the book in December 1. In December 2, Japanese psychiatrists and philosophers who are interested in philosophy of psychiatry will give a talk on related issues and exchange their views with Prof. Zachar.

  Click here for more information.


Psychopathology and Phenomenology: Perspectives (San Raffaele Spring School of Philosophy| Milan, June 4-6, 2019)

Deadline for submissions: January 13th, 2019 
Spring School: June 4th-6th, 2019

Click here for more information.


Univie Summer School – Scientific World Conceptions ((USS-SWC)| Vienna, July 1–12, 2019)

Call For Application (Deadline: February 15, 2019)

Click here for more information.


The International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry 21th Annual Conference: Experts and Representations in Mental Health (Warsaw (PL)| Autumn 2019)

Date and registration details will be published no later than in September 2019.

Contact for partners, sponsors and media: inpp2019conference@gmail.com.

For further information please visit the websites:





The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) announces a competition for students, trainees, and early-career academics and practitioners. Eligibility includes medical students, graduate students in philosophy, psychology and related fields, residents in psychiatry, and those who have completed such education and training no more than three years prior to the end of the academic year in which the award is to be conferred.

The Karl Jaspers Award is given for the best paper related to the subject of philosophy and psychiatry. Entries must either be unpublished or published no more than one year prior to submission for the award. Resubmissions will not be accepted. Papers can have more than one author but all authors must be eligible for the award. Appropriate topics for the essay include, among others, the mind-body problem, psychiatric methodology, psychiatric nosology and diagnostic issues, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophical aspects of the history of psychiatry, psychodynamic, hermeneutic and phenomenological approaches, and psychiatric ethics. Unless already published or submitted for publication elsewhere, winning submissions will be offered publication, following appropriate review and editing to meet journal guidelines, in the electronic version of Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology. The home departments and/or training progams of the award winners are notified of the outcome. In addition, the Jaspers Award is announced at our AAPP Annual Meeting, held concurrently with the AmericanPsychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting. In 2019, the meeting will be on the weekend of May 18-19 in San Francisco. The award carries a cash prize of $350 and recognition in AAPP publications.

The deadline for entries is December 15, 2018.

  • Submissions must be no more than 7500 words in length, excluding footnotes and bibliographies.
  • Each entry must include a word count.
  • Entrants must send their submissions in PDF format.
  • Submissions must be ready for blind review and not contain the author’s name or

    other information what will make the author identifiable.

  • Entrants must also send separately an explanation of their current career status

    and eligibility to enter the competition. In cases where the work is part of a project done with others, they should also add an explanation of the contributions of advisors or others to the work submitted.

    Submissions that do not meet the requirements will be rejected without being considered.

    Send submissions to Scott Waterman (Scott.Waterman@uvm.edu).


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