About INPP

INPP provides a collaborative research and education forum to support organisations and individuals involved in conceptual and ethical work in psychiatry and related disciplines. INPP is a registered international charity (Charity Commission no. 1101747).

Aims of the Network

  • To support educational, research, policy and service initiatives in mental health that are based on valuing individual and cultural differences and respecting diversity
  • To contribute to such initiatives through rigorous philosophical and cross-disciplinary work on the concepts guiding mental health practice
  • To facilitate collaborative learning through exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge and skills
  • To work with national, local and subject-based organisations with appropriate aims, in developing and strengthening their unique identities

Key Activities

  • Publishing: INPP has its own book series: International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry, published by Oxford University Press. The cross-disciplinary field of philosophy and psychiatry is also well served by the journal PPP: Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology published by Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Meetings: INPP functions to coordinate international meetings. Such meetings are planned and promoted by the Network by mutual agreement between the members, playing a facilitative rather than executive role. As well as promoting its own core meetings, the Network promotes and supports other relevant conferences.
  • Education: INPP provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, initiatives and experience of teaching and learning in the cross-disciplinary field of philosophy and mental health. This includes the exchange of information about courses and seminars, and access to educational resources including literature databases.
  • Research: INPP functions to provide a resource of information and contacts for people working in and coming into the cross-disciplinary field.

Founding Officers

  • Bill (KWM) Fulford (UK) Philosophy Special Interest Group, The Royal College of Psychiatrists; and organiser of the 1st (with John Sadler) and 4th (with Giovanni Stanghellini and Arnaldo Ballerini) International Conferences.
  • John Z Sadler (USA) Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry; and organiser (with Bill Fulford) of the 1st International conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry (Spain, 1997).
  • Giovanni Stanghellini (Italy) Società Italiana per la Psicopatologia; and organiser (with Arnaldo Ballerini and Bill Fulford) of the 4th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry (Italy, 2000).

Web Secretary

Steering Committee

  • G Adshead (UK) Philosophy Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • A Aggernaes (Denmark) Danish Society for Medical Philosophy
  • A Beglum (Ireland) Northern Ireland Ethics Forum
  • E Bezzubova (Russia) Moscow Group for Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • M Bohar (Czech Republic) Health Minister, Czech Republic
  • R Chadwick (UK) International Association for Bioethics
  • E Falkum (Norway) Norwegian Group of Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health
  • T. Fuchs (Germany) Referat Philosophische Grundlagen der Psychiatrie, DGPPN (German Psychiatric Association)
  • F Fuentenebro (Spain) Sociedad de Historia Y Filosofia
  • G Gillett (New Zealand) New Zealand Group for Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • G Glas (Holland) Philosophy Section of the Dutch Association of Psychiatrists; and organiser of the 9th International Conference (forthcoming, Holland, 2006)
  • M Heinimaa (Finland) Finnish Group for Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health
  • M Heinze and C Kupke (Germany) Society for Philosophy and the Science of the Psyche
  • S Holm (Denmark) Danish Group for Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health
  • D Findlay (Scotland) Scottish Philosophy Special Interest Group
  • E Mordini (Italy) Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research
  • R Mullen (New Zealand)
  • M Musalek (Austria) Association of European Psychiatrists (AEP) and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
  • L Nordenfelt (Sweden) Nordic Network for Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health
  • A Pagnini (Italy) Florence Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science
  • J Phillips and J Radden(USA) Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • A Romila (Romania) Association of Free Psychiatrists of Romania
  • Y Savenko (Russia) Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia
  • U Schuklenk ( ) Bioethics/Developing World Bioethics
  • D St. Stoyanov ( ) Medical University of Plovdiv; St. Ivan Rilski State Psychiatric Hospital; Royal College of Psychiatrists; and University of Pittsburgh
  • F Svenaeus (Sweden) Nordic Network for Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health
  • E van Leeuwen (The Netherlands) Dutch Foundation for Psychiatry and Philosophy
  • W van Staden (South Africa) Special Interest Group for Philosophy in the South African Society of Psychiatrists; and organiser (with Bill Fulford) of the launch meeting for the INPP (South Africa, 2002)
  • J Martin (Australia) Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Philosophy and Psychiatry Special Interests Group
  • M T H Wong (Hong Kong) The University of Hong Kong
  • J Tercz (Poland) – Open Seminars on Philosophy and Psychiatry Foundation

Keep in Touch

INPP online provides you with the opportunity to be informed by email of upcoming conferences and new publications in the field. To sign up please send an email to the secretary, Richard Gipps.