Fulford Clarendon Lectureship in Philosophy of Mind, University of Oxford, UK.

A University Lectureship in the Philosophy of Mind, in association with a Tutorial Fellowship at St Catherine’s College, has been endowed in perpetuity following a donation from the Laces Trust.

The Laces Trust is an educational charity with particular interests in philosophy of psychiatry and the endowed post will involve research in philosophy of mind, with particular emphasis on work related to psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive science.

The joint post, which will be known as the Fulford Clarendon University Lectureship in Philosophy of Mind and the Fulford Fellowship in Philosophy of Mind, is named after Professor KWM (Bill) Fulford, a central figure in the development of the teaching and research infrastructure of philosophy of psychiatry.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Andrew Hamilton, said: “The Oxford Philosophy Faculty and St Catherine’s College are extremely grateful for the generosity of The Laces Trust, and for its continued support of philosophy of mind at Oxford.

˜Oxford philosophy is making many contributions to the rapidly expanding field of philosophy and psychiatry, indeed, fifteen faculty members are already working in related fields. Thanks to The Laces Trust, Oxford’s reputation as a leading University in this field will be enhanced even further.”



Trainings: The Oxford Summer School in Philosophy of Psychiatry: Mind, Value and Mental Health. Information on the last training can be found at Future summer schools in Oxford will be advertised on this website and by the INPP email list. Request to join the INPP email update list by emailing the secretary, Richard Gipps.

Postgraduate Courses

University of Central Lancashire (UClan), U.K.
Based on the Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry, and in the new Institute for Philosophy, Diversity and Mental Health (directed by Bill Fulford and Chris Heginbotham), this new course is a 3 year distance learning programme leading to an MA / PG Diploma / PG Certificate. Modules are:

  • Core concepts in Philosophy of Mental Health
  • A Philosophical History of Psychopathology
  • Philosophy of Science and Mental Health
  • Values, Ethics and Mental Health
  • Philosophy of Mind and Mental Health
  • Introduction to Postgraduate Research
  • Dissertation

To find out more see the philosophy and mental health learning progamme factsheet.
It is also now possible to study for PhD’s in the philosophy of mental health at UCLAN. Please contact Professor Tim Thornton for further details.

University of Pretoria, South Africa
The Division of Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health at the University of Pretoria offers a Master’s programme (MPhil in Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health), which is a 1 year full time or 2 year part time programme that may be followed through e-learning from remote places.

To find out more, visit the web page or contact Prof Werdie VanStaden by email.


University of Essex, U.K.
The University of Essex runs an MA in the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, run jointly by the Philosophy Department and the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies. The core of the MA is a Joint Graduate Seminar in which contemporary issues are explored from both a philosophical and a psychoanalytical perspective.

To find out more visit the course website.

University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
The Centre for Philosophy and Mental Health at the University of Plovdiv runs an MA in the Philosophy of Mental Health. Courses include:

  • general concepts of health and disease
  • history of psychology and psychopathology
  • phenomenological psychopathology
  • anthropology and mental health
  • values based medical practice
  • logic of the practice and psychopathology of common sense
  • philosophy of language and psychotherapy
  • philosophy of mind and psychiatry
  • epistemology & methodology
  • ethics and mental health
  • sociology and ethnicity of mental health
  • aesthetics


King’s College London, UK

King’s College London is running a new Mental Health, Ethics and Law MSc programme, delivered by two internationally recognised centres of excellence. This course will provide an integrated, strongly interdisciplinary, education in mental health, ethics and law. It equips graduates to become leaders in healthcare, mental health law or policy.


Courses which include a philosophy and mental health component

University of Birmingham, U.K.
The Philosophy Department at the University of Birmingham offers an MA in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Sciences and an MA in the Philosophy of Health and Happiness. Core modules for the MA in the Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Sciences are (1) philosophy of mind and (2) philosophy of cognitive science. Core modules for the MA in the Philosophy of Health and Happiness are (1) philosophy of health and happiness and (2) God, freedom and the meaning of life. In addition to their core modules, the MA dissertation and the research skills module, students can take a number of philosophy, theology and psychology modules at masters level.

To find out more please email Lisa Bortolotti.

University of Sydney, Australia
The University of Sydney has a module unit of study for masters courses on philosophical psychopathology.

To find out more visit the module website.



The Laces Trust Scholarship, University of Oxford, UK
The Laces Trust Scholarship supports an Oxford University philosophy graduate student whose work is relevant to the philosophy of psychiatry.

Notice – May 2010 – St Cross College invites applications for this scholarship from students who will begin studying for a postgraduate research degree in philosophy and/or ethics (with a preference for the Philosophy of Mind or Neuroethics) at the University of Oxford in the academic year 2010-2011 and who list St Cross College as their first choice college on their Graduate Admissions application.

The Laces Trust Scholarship has a value of £3000 per annum to cover the annual College fee plus a small stipend and is tenable for three years coterminous with college fee liability. Applications should be received by the application deadline of Friday 16th July 2010.

The Scholarship is tenable at St Cross College only. Application forms can be requested by email from Written requests should be sent to the Admissions & Academic Secretary, St Cross College, St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LZ.