PPP Contents and Searchable Index

With over twenty-five years of quarterly issues PPP’s contents include many of those who have made significant contributions to the contemporary interdisciplinary field.

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1. How to Search the Contents of PPP

The links below support a variety of search strategies for retrieving materials of interest from PPP’s extensive contents

  • PPP Searchable Index gives the complete Tables of Contents of PPP from its inception in 1994 through to Volume xx (20xx).  You can search this index either by scrolling or using free key words (such as author names or topics)
  • PPP Johns Hopkins Index is complete from 1994 through to the latest issue and allows direct purchase of individual papers and/or issues [CHECK] as well as subscribing to PPP

Unless you already know what you are looking for however, the Johns Hopkins Index is less easy to search because it gives only volume and issue numbers. 

If you are starting from scratch, you may find it helpful to use PPP Searchable Index to identify materials of interest, and then move to the Johns Hopkins Index to purchase them

Note: many academic institutions subscribe to Johns’ Hopkins Project Muse – a subscription to Project Muse allows free download of all PPP materials 


2. Links to Search Resources

The following links take you to the two indexes described above