INPP Constitution and Management


Constitution of INPP

As a not-for-profit organisation INPP is a charity registered with the UK Charity Commission (no. 1101747)



Management of INPP

INPP has no paid officers but receives a small grant for website design and technical support

Major decisions (such as forward planning of international conferences) are made through a process of democratic consensus by the Founding Executive Officers in consultation with a Standing Committee

Founding Executive Officers

Philosophy Special Interest Group, The Royal College of Psychiatrists; Founder Editor and Chair of the Advisory Board of the journal PPP ; and organiser (with John Sadler) of the 1st and (with Giovanni Stanghellini and Arnaldo Ballerini) of the 4th International Conferences for Philosophy and Psychiatry 

Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry; Editor-in-Chief of the journal PPP ; and organiser (with Bill Fulford) of the 1st International conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry  (Spain, 1997).

Società Italiana per la Psicopatologia; Editor of the Oxford Handbook of Phenomenological Psychopathology; and organiser (with Arnaldo Ballerini and Bill Fulford) of the 4th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry (Florence, 2000) 




Matt provides design and technical support for the website and manages his own design and photography business.


Standing Committee

Membership of INPP’s Standing Committee is open to the leads of member organizations and to anyone who has hosted a conference in the INPP series.