INPP Guiding Mission, Aims and Activities

INPP is a collaborative forum supporting educational, research and service development initiatives in the cross-disciplinary field of philosophy and mental health.

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Guiding Mission of INPP

As a co-ordinating and support organization INPP’s guiding mission is to provide a collaborative forum for educational, research and service development initiatives across the diversity of approaches to mental health and well-being adopted by different traditions around the world


Aims of INPP

The principal aims of INPP are:

  • To support educational, research, policy and service development initiatives in mental health that are based on valuing individual and cultural differences and respecting diversity
  • To contribute to such initiatives through rigorous philosophical and cross-disciplinary work on the concepts guiding mental health practice
  • To facilitate collaborative learning through exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge and skills across and between different traditions of thought and practice
  • To work with national, local and subject-based organisations with appropriate aims, in developing and strengthening their unique identities within a collaborative community of equals

Key Activites of INPP

Through its mailing list and other web-based resources INPP’s key support and co-ordinating activities include:


INPP supports a journal (PPP – Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology) and a book series (IPPP – International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry)

INPP also promotes other journals, books and book series through its mailing list and by way of a Register of Other Publications



INPP co-ordinates a series of international conferences organised and hosted by member organizations. INPP also promotes other meetings through its mailing list



INPP supports educational, research and policy and service development activities in philosophy and mental health particularly where these have the potential to translate into improvements in clinical care



INPP provides access to resources for the development of educational, research and policy and service development activities in philosophy and mental health.

To this end INPP

  • Announces new resources through its mailing list as these become available
  • Maintains a Searchable Archive of past announcements
  • Provides links to resources developed by its members and others
  • Hosts free downloadable materials (including selected readings) from the Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry