More about INPP


1. Origins

Following a proposal by Bill Fulford (UK), John Sadler (USA) and Giovanni Stanghellini (Italy), and endorsed by an open meeting of delegates at an early international conference on philosophy and mental health, INPP was launched on Heritage Day, 2002, in Cape Town, South Africa, at a conference hosted by Werdie Van Staden.


2. Guiding Mission, Aims and Activities

INPP is a co-ordinating and support organization.

From the start, its guiding mission – reflecting its origins in South Africa – has been to embrace diversity across the many traditions of thought and practice bearing on mental health and well-being that are available from around the world.

To this end, the aims of INPP are to:

  • Collaborate with national, local and subject-based organisations in support of educational, research, policy and service development initiatives through rigorous cross-disciplinary work between philosophy and mental health disciplines and through mutual exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge and skills

The principal activities of INPP are in four main areas:

  1. Publication – including the journal PPP (Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology) and the book series IPPP (International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry)
  2. Meetings – INPP co-ordinates an international conference series and supports by way of its mailing list and social media outlets, other meetings with relevant aims
  3. Impact – INPP supports activities in the interdisciplinary field that impact on research, education and service developments in mental health (for example, values-based practice)
  1. Resources – INPP maintains searchable indexes of open access and other resources supporting developments in philosophy and mental health (for example an open access edition of the Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry)

3. Constitution, Management and Academic Sponsors

INPP is a UK registered non-profit making NGO with charitable status (UK Charity Commission no. 1101747)

Consistently with its collegial guiding mission, INPP is co-led by its three Founding Executive Officers (Bill Fulford, John Sadler and Giovanni Stanghellini) with any major decisions (such as agreeing the host for an international conference) being circulated for comment to an extensive Standing Committee that includes the leads of all member organizations and organisers of previous conferences in the series.

INPP’s academic sponsors are the Philosophy and Humanities Section of the WPA, the Philosophy Section of the EPA, The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) and the Philosophy Group in the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


4. Members

INPP has organisational members and a mailing list that includes individual members

Membership of INPP is free for any individual or organisation with relevant interests and aims.  

Membership ensures you receive announcements about conferences, publications and developments in research, education and service developments. Members are also eligible for discounts on certain publications (for example a 30% discount on any book from Oxford University Press).


5. Announcements

INPP circulates Announcements to all member organizations and individual members through its email list and social media outlets.Announcements are displayed on the INPP website and then archived as a resource for the field