How to Organise an INPP Conference

We welcome proposals for INPP conferences and co-badged meetings


1. Who can organise an INPP conference?

Conferences can be organised by individuals or groups. You do not have to be a member of INPP to organise a conference for the series.  Conference organisers are however automatically invited to become members of the steering committee that considers proposals for future conferences in the series


2. What kinds of Conference can be Organised?

Conferences may take various forms ranging from residential international meetings on major themes lasting over two or three days, through to co-badging smaller local and subject-based events

You can see examples of the variety of meetings in the series by following the link below).


3. How are the Financial Aspects Managed?

Financial support is secured locally by conference organisers and INPP takes no fee or other remuneration from conference proceeds

Any financial sponsorship is also a matter for local organisers provided this is clearly acknowledged in the conference programme stake


4. Who Decides on the Programme?

INPP’s role is to co-ordinate the series and provide promotional support through its announcement and messaging systems

Beyond ensuring the subject of a conference is consistent with its aims, INPP leaves all aspects of the programme – including selection of presentations – to local organisers


5. How are Proposals Assessed?

Proposals for future conferences in the series are considered by INPP’s Founding Executive Officers (Bill Fulford, John Sadler and Giovanni Stanghellini) in consultation with the INPP International Standing Committee.

Key criteria by which proposals are considered include a) consistency with the aims of INPP, b) philosophical interest and practical relevance, c) administrative and other practical planning aspects.

We aim to avoid conflicting events by limiting free-standing international meetings to one per year but smaller co-badged local and subject-based events are welcome on a more frequent basis


6. How do I gets started?

The first step is to contact us with your idea using the link below

We are happy to discuss ideas for conferences and other meetings informally at an early stage

There is no fixed format for proposals but please include

  • A working title
  • Brief description of the subject and scope of the meeting
  • Target dates and location
  • Organisational arrangements
  • Lead organiser(s)