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Details of future INPP annual international conferences and information on all INPP conferences run since 1997

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2. Past Conferences

The list below covers the INPP international conferences since 1997.

1997 Spain – Malaga Fulford/SadlerFirst International Conference on Philosophy and Mental HealthProgramme
1998 France - Marseille NaudinVulnérabilité et DestinPoster

1999France - Nice Pringue/Sammy-KohlSchizophrenia and IdentityProgramme
2000Italy - Florence GiovanniMadness, Science and Society: Florence, Renaissance 2000Programme
2001France - Paris GrangerPain and DepressionProgramme
2002Finland - Turku (Trainees Conference) Suomela/Heinimaa1st International Congress of Psychiatric Trainees on Science, Ethics and PhilosophyProgramme
2002South Africa - Cape Town van StadenLaunch of INPP at the two-day International Launch of INPP at the two-day International Symposium on the Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry, hosted by The South African Society of Psychiatrists’
12th National Psychiatry Congress:
The Psychiatrist, the Patient, the Community (September 23 – 27)
Cover of the SASOP Programme

Two day launch programme
2003Brazil - Brasília da CostaEthics, Language and SufferingProgramme
2004Germany - Heidelberg Fuchs/MundtTime, Memory and HistoryProgramme and Abstracts
2005USA - Yale DavidsonTime, Memory and History New Philosophies for Community Psychiatry: Recovery Oriented, Evidence-Based and BeyondProgramme
2006Netherlands - LeidenGlas/RalstonPhilosophy. Psychiatry and the NeurosciencesProgramme
2007South Africa - Cape Townvan StadenHypotheses, Neuro Science & Real PersonsFinal announcement and programme

Pre-conference editorial

Post-conference report
2008 USA - Dallas SadlerPsychiatry and FreedomProgramme and abstracts
2009Portugal - LisbonFigueraUnderstanding Mental DisordersProgramme
2010 India - Mumbai Ajai and Shakuntala SinghMind, Brain and ConsciousnessProgramme

Concurrent sessions
2010UK - Preston/ManchesterHeginbotham/Thornton/PatelReal People: The Self in Mental Health and Social CareCall for abstracts

2011Sweden - Gothenberg MalmgrenEthics, Experience and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in PsychiatryProgramme
2012New Zealand - Otago Gillett/Pickering/StetslowCulture and Mental HealthProgramme
2013St Catherine’s College, Oxford University,
Harcourt/Avramides/ FulfordUK Travelling Symposium - International Summer School:
Mind, Values and Mental Health
Summer School timetable
2013University of Durham, UKTaylor-Aiken/Bowden/ RatcliffeUK Travelling Symposium (Durham) - Current and Future Applications of Phenomenology in PsychiatryDurham Programme
2013London, UKFulford/SadlerUK Travelling Symposium - PPP (Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology) Editorial Board MeetingPPP Editorial Board meeting agenda

PPP Review of Activity to July 2013
2013Kings College, LondonBolton/FulfordUK Travelling Symposium (King’s College, London) - Conceptual Issues and the DSMDelegate list and programme
2013Pitt Building, Cambridge University
Fulford/PeileUK Travelling Symposium (Cambridge) - Teaching, Learning and Implementing Values-based PracticeProgramme
2013St Catherine’s College, Oxford University
Fulford/HandaUK Travelling Symposium Oxford) - Making Change HappenProgramme
2014Bulgaria - Plovdiv StoyanovNeuroscience, Logics, Mental DevelopmentProgramme

2015 Chile - Frutillar Doerr/StanghelliniWhy do Humans Become Mentally Ill? Anthropological, biological and cultural vulnerabilities of mental illnessArtwork and first announcement
2016Brazil - Sao PaoloMessasPsychopathology of the Present: Theory and PracticeProgramme (Portuguese)

Opening presentation

YouTube links for keynotes

Proceedings (in Portugese)
2017Spain - MadridLopez-IborPhilosophy and Psychiatry: Contributions of NeuroscienceArtwork and flyerProgramme
2018Hong KongWongHistory, Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry: The State of Play in the 21st CenturyHandbook and abstracts
2019Krakow, PolandBanickiThe Many Faces of Personality DisorderArtwork

2019Warsaw, PolandTeczExperts and Representations in Mental HealthSummary programme and artworkProgramme

Meeting announcement
2020UK - ManchesterBergqvistExperts by Experience: a Critical Discourse One-day ConferenceSchedule and artwork
2022UK - ManchesterBergqvistPhilosophy of Psychiatry and Lived Experience: New Models of Mental HealthArtwork

2023Portugal - LisbonTellesHalf-day symposium: Revisiting Critical Issues in Psychiatric DiagnosisProgramme
2024Austria - ViennaMusalek
25th Annual Conference of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry

Crises and Mental Health: philosophical and social aesthetic perspectives


3. INPP Conference Calendar

The following conference proposals have been agreed

May 1 – 3, 2025Germany - LeipzigTBAPeter SchonknechtProposed