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Details of future INPP annual international conferences and information on all INPP conferences run since 1997

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1. Next INPP Conference

25th INPP Conference in Vienna

The International Conference on Crisis and Mental Health – philosophical and social aesthetic perspectives, organized by the International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP), is pleased to announce its 25th edition, to be held at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria.

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2. Past Conferences

The list below covers the INPP international conferences since 1997 – please click on the green bar to expand the list.

1997 Spain – Malaga Fulford/Sadler
1998 France – Marseille Naudin
1999France – Nice Pringue/Sammy-Kohl
2000Italy – Florence Giovanni
2001France – Paris Granger
2002Finland – Turku (Trainees Conference) Suomela/Heinimaa
2002South Africa – Cape Town (Launch of INPP)van Staden
2003Brazil – Brasília da Costa
2004Germany – Heidelberg Fuchs/Mundt
2005USA – Yale Davidson
2006Netherlands – LeidenGlas/Ralston
2007South Africa – Cape Townvan Staden
2008 USA – Dallas Sadler
2009Portugal – LisbonFiguera
2010 India – Mumbai Ajai and Shakuntala Singh
2010UK – Preston/ManchesterHeginbotham/Thornton/Patel
2011Sweden – Gothenberg Malmgren
2012New Zealand – Otago Gillett/Pickering/Stetslow
2013UK – travelling seminar: Durham – London – OxfordFulford
2014Bulgaria – Plovdiv Stoyanov
2015 Chile – Frutillar Doerr/Stanghellini
2016Brazil – Sao PaoloMessas
2017Spain – MadridLopez/Ibir
2018Hong KongWong
2019Poland – WarsawTecz
2020UK – ManchesterBergqvist

3. INPP Conference Calendar

The following conference proposals have been agreed

April 27 2022Manchester - UKPhilosophy & Public Mental Health Festival
Anna Bergqvist, David Crepaz-Keay, Alana Wilde
Announced - More Details
2020 - AutumnNetherlandsHow to practice philosophy in psychiatryGerrit Glas, Alan Rawlston, Derek StribosConfirmed - Details TBA
2023Germany - LeipzigTBASchonknechtProposed
23-25 May 2024Austria - ViennaAesthetics and Mental HealthMusalekAnnounced - More Details
2024Colombia TBADavilaProposed