Service Development

As with any other area of health-related academic activity outputs from philosophy and mental health include contributions to the development of improved services for patients and service users

In some instances, these are mediated by the research and educational activities indexed on other pages of this website; in other instances, philosophical insights have had a direct impact on aspects of contemporary care. We include here examples of both.

We have not attempted to include the many contributions from moral and political philosophy to the ethics and law governing mental health policy and practice. These and other resources of the increasingly well-stocked values toolkit supporting contemporary clinical care are sufficiently covered elsewhere. 

It is the latter that are indexed here.

From this page you can link to:
  1. Phenomenology and Clinical Care
    • Introduction to Phenomenology and Clinical Care
    • Index of Contemporary Applications
  2. Analytic Philosophy and Values-based Practice
    • Introduction 
    • Regulation and Guidance
    • Integration and Teamwork
  3. Other Areas of Service Development
    • Responsibility without Blame
    • Practical Ethics
    • Global Health Justice