3. Other Areas of Service Development

There have been a number of other developments in contemporary philosophy and psychiatry with actual or potential impact on services.

We give here three such developments but would be glad to hear about others

On this page:
  • Responsibility without Blame
  • Practical Ethics
  • Global Health Justice

Responsibility without Blame

Philosopher and bioethicist Hanna Pickard  has used insights from the philosophy of mind to develop a novel approach to the management of offenders.

With the support of the Welcome Trust in London she has developed an e-learning resource to support those using her programme in their work with people with personality disorders and complex needs. The resource is open access, accessible and interactive. It aims to help learners understand the difference between responsibility and blame and use this understanding to reflect on their work experience and develop their practice.

For further details please go to https://www.hannapickard.com/responsibility-without-blame.html

The e-learning resource was created in collaboration with The Thames Valley Initiative (Tvi – a nationally recognised training and strategic development service hosted by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) and with ex-service users from STARS


Practical Ethics

Legend: Julian Savulescu, Director, Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxofrd

The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics (located within the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford and chaired by Julian Savulescu) includes within its wide-ranging activities, programmes on neuroethics and other philosophical and conceptual issues impacting on mental health. 

Its recent series of Loebel Lectures and related workshops resulted in Psychiatry Reborn [see details below], an edited collection on the biopsychosocial model in psychiatry, published in the Oxford University Press book series, International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry

Editors: Will Davies, Julian Savulescu, Rebecca Roach, J. Pierre Loebel

This edited collection resulted from a series of lectures (the Loebel Lectures and related workshops) sponsored by the Centre for Practical Ethics with support from Pierre Loebel. It offers a comprehensive collection of essays spanning the sciences and philosophy of psychiatry and reassessing the biopsychosocial approach in psychiatry


Global Health Justice

Sridhar Venkatapuram Director, Global Health Education & Training at King's College London Global Health Institute

Moral philosopher, Sridhar Venkatapuram, has worked with epidemiologist, Sir Michael Marmot, on the political and social determinants of disease and their implications for Health Justice.

As an early critic of the focus of values-based practice on individual values Sridhar prompted contemporary extensions of the approach to include social and cultural values.

His book on Health Justice draws on the economist and philosopher, Amartya Sen’s, capabilities approach in an exploration of the implications of the moral right to ‘the capability to be healthy’