Minds, Models and Mechanisms – Current Trends in Philosophy of Psychiatry

Minds, Models and Mechanisms – Current Trends in Philosophy of Psychiatry
Online Workshop – April 20 – 22 2021

In recent years, psychiatry has experienced several turns towards
neurophysiology, genetics, and multi-level biological explanations.
According to the current state of the art, understanding mental disorders
requires looking at a variety of different factors contributing to the
development and persistence of, as well as the recovery from, mental
disorders. To do justice to the multifactorial nature of psychopathology, a
range of new approaches has recently been proposed. These include, among
others, mechanisms, artificial or deep neural networks, computational
models, multiplexes or multi-layered network models, predictive processing,
functional brain networks, and symptom network models. In order to clarify
the theoretical and conceptual foundations ofcontemporary research on
psychopathology, the workshop “Minds, Models and Mechanisms” brings
together experts from clinical psychiatry, neuroscience, computational
modelling, philosophy of mind and cognition as well as philosophy of

Full detail and programme: http://philpsych.com/workshop

To register, please send an email to s8mxklei@stud.uni-saarland.de. Please
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