ONLINE BOOK PRESENTATION – “Vagueness in Psychiatry”

April 15th 19.00 CET
“ACPSM-AEN Catalunya” YouTube channel
Language: English

This book represents a systematic effort to draw various lines of inquiry together, including the debates about the principles of psychiatric classification, categorical versus dimensional approaches, prodromal phases and sub-threshold disorders, and the problem of over-diagnosis in psychiatry, and relates these debates to philosophical research on vagueness and demarcation problems.

These issues are further discussed from different perspectives (psychiatry, philosophy, history and law). In addition, both the individual and the social consequences in clinical practice are addressed.

Lara Keuck, Researcher at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and editor of the book
Peter Zachar, Professor at Department of Psychology, Auburn University Montgomery in Montgomery, AL, USA

Discussion lead by Ferran Molins, Psychiatrist, member of the ACPSM-AEN training working group.