PHENOLAB – A Theoretical Laboratory in Phenomenology and Mental Health


Every meeting will last from 16.45 to 18.15 CET.Lectures and discussions will be held in English.For any query or information, and to receive the Zoom link please contact

For this year, the PhenoLab activities will be divided in four types:

I. Thematic group: the aim of this activity is to discuss cardinal themes related to mental health and phenomenology

II. Academic Lectures: scheduled once a month, a keynote speaker will be invited to present his/her work followed by a discussion

III. Encountering mental health professionals: scheduled once a month, a professional in the field of mental health will be invited to share how he/she handles with pragmatical issues in their practice, in order to show how phenomenology may be empirically helpful in daily practices. 

IV. Applying Phenomenology: scheduled once a month the aim of this activity is to provide some pedagogical orientations in exercising phenomenology 

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25 October 2022
Academic Lecture
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Francesca Brencio (University of Seville, Spain)
From digital medicine to embodied care

8 November
Encountering Mental Health Professionals
Speaker: Dr. Prisca Bauer (Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany)
Epileptic seizures as limit situations

22 November
Academic lecture
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sanneke de Haan (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) 
Self-illness ambiguity for people with recurrent depressions – Preliminary findings from an interview study

6 December
Applying Phenomenology
Speaker: Prof. Dr. James Morley (Ramapo College Of New Jersey, USA)
Teaching and learning phenomenology across disciplines

20 December
Thematic Group
Speaker: Dr. Clara Humpston (University of York, UK)
Paradoxes and ontologically impossible experiences in schizophrenia

10 January 2023

Encountering Mental Health Professional
Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Maria Esposito (University of Milano, Italy)
The phenomenological approach in clinical practice: overcoming stigma and diagnosis for a conception of hysteria as an existential position

24 January
Applying Phenomenology
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Magnus Englander (Malmo University, Sweden)
A Phenomenologically Based Empathy Training

7 February – Thematic groupSpeaker: Dr. Ragna Winniewski (University of Cologne, Germany)

Entangled senses and the affective self: Why kinaesthesia and synaesthesia matter for the lived body in dementia21 FebruaryThematic groupSpeaker: Dr. Erik Norman Dzwiza-Ohlsen (University of Cologne, Germany)

Phenomenological Psychopathology of Dementia: A Forgotten Task?

7 March

Applying Phenomenology

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Scott Churchill (University of Dallas, USA)

Doing Psychology Phenomenologically

28 March – Academic LectureSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg University, Germany)

The intercorporeality of touch18 AprilApplying PhenomenologySpeaker: Prof. Dr. Susi Ferrarello ( California State University East Bay, USA)

Phenomenology and Philosophical Counselling 

9 May – Academic LectureSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis, USA)

Disorders of the self-pattern

30 May – Encountering Mental Health ProfessionalSpeaker: Dr. Manuel Reyes (University of Chile, Chile)

“You should see patients!” On learning and teaching psychopathology

6 June – Applying PhenomenologySpeaker: Prof. Dr. Claire Petitmengin (Archives Husserl, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, France)

Exploring the microdynamics of lived experience through micro-phenomenology

29 June – Academic LectureSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Francesca Michelini (University of Kassel, Germany)

Plessner and Enactivism 

4 July – Applying Phenomenology Speaker: Prof. Dr. Natalie Depraz (University of Rouen, France)

Why epochè is crucial in the practice of phenomenology?

25 July – Academic LectureSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Francesca Brencio (University of Seville, Spain)

Deciphering intersubjectivity in the context of the prescription of drugs