PPP Journal – December 2021

The new issue of PPP journal: vol 28, no 4, Dec 2021, https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/47104 is now available.


In Memoriam
Osborne P. Wiggins, Jr., PhD, 1943–2021 • John Z. Sadler • pp. 291-293
Louis Charland: 1958–2021 • Peter Zachar, Jennifer Radden • pp. 295-296

Feature Article
An Approach to the Boundary Problem: Mental Health Activism and the Limits of Recognition • Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed • pp. 297-313

Values Constitute the Boundaries in Between the Rules of Nature and Social Recognition • Werdie van Staden • pp. 315-317
Recognition and Identity: Abstract Concepts, Concrete Struggles
Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed • pp. 323-328

Feature Article
On the Concept of “Psychiatric Disorder”: Incorporating Psychological Injury • Miriam Solomon • pp. 329-339

Can One and the Same Instance of Grief Be Both Normal and Disordered?
Jerome C. Wakefield • pp. 341-346
Psychological Injury is Not New and Not Normal • Claire Pouncey • pp. 347-348

Who Owns the Concept of Psychiatric Disorder? • Miriam Solomon • pp. 349-351

Feature Article
Dysfunction and the Definition of Mental Disorder in the DSM* • Anne-Marie Gagné-Julien • pp. 353-370

Function, Dysfunction, and the Concept of Mental Disorder • Jonathan Y. Tsou • pp. 371-375
Universal Definition of Mental Disorder: Neither Necessary nor Desirable • G. Scott Waterman • pp. 377-379

Defending Social Objectivity for “Mental Disorder” • Anne-Marie Gagné-Julien • pp. 381-384

Feature Article
On the Gravity of Mental Illness Stigma • Cynthia Gangi • pp. 385-395

About the Authors
About the Authors • pp. 397-398

Introducing the New PPP Editorial Team
Introducing the New PPP Editorial Team • John Z. Sadler • pp. 399-403