IPPP Contents and Searchable Index

The IPPP book series and Oxford Handbooks are described in detail on the OUP-IPPP website to which the links from this page will take you.

Here we indicate some of the key features of the OUP-IPPP website and how to access them

On this page

1. The IPPP series OUP Home Page

The link below takes you to the Home Page for the IPPP series on OUP’s website

This page shows recent publications in the series, provides brief biographies of the series editors, and includes a interview with Bill Fulford made at the time of the launch of the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry

As an INPP member you can purchase books in the IPPP series (including Handbooks) with a 30% discount using the code given in the IPPP Purchaser Information page


2. Every Volume in the Series

Screen shot 1

If you click on the book title this takes you to a menu of further details – see screen shot 1

Screen shot 2

Each entry (see screen shot 2) gives

  • Cover image
  • Publishing details
  • Brief description of contents
  • Link to purchasing basket
Screen shot 3

There is a link to the series as a whole at the top left of the series Home Page (as shown in the screen shot 3)

If you follow this link it takes you to a complete list of every book in the series organised alphabetically by title


3. A powerful Search Function

The search facility runs across OUP’s website as a whole

This is accessed via the Search Button at the top of each page of the website – see screen shot

The search facility allows you to find books in the IPPP series including Oxford Handbooks identified by author/editor, title or topic.

When you find the volume for which you are searching you can get details by following the links as above