IPPP Origins, Aims and Acknowledgements

The book series, International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry (IPPP) was launched in 2003 and extended to include the Oxford Handbooks in 2013


1. Origins of the IPPP book series

The Launch volume for the IPPP book series Bill Fulford, Katherine Morris, John Z. Sadler, Giovanni Stanghellini (2003) Nature and Narrative: an Introduction to the New Philosophy of Psychiatry. Oxford: Oxford University Press

The IPPP book series was launched in 2003 by the series editors with their edited collection Nature and Narrative: an Introduction to the New Philosophy of Psychiatry.


The series was inspired by the millennial INPP conference organised by Giovanni Stanghellini in Florence under the title Renaissance Psychiatry. The then OUP Senior Commissioning Editor for Psychology, Richard Marley, saw the conference programme on-line and invited Bill Fulford and Giovanni Stanghellini to submit a proposal for a volume and the series.


2. Origins of the Oxford Handbooks

The current Senior Commissioning Editor, Martin Baum has taken the lead in developing the IPPP series further, adding many new volumes and launching the Oxford Handbooks as a joint venture between the Psychology and Philosophy sections of OUP  

The launch volume for the Oxford Handbooks in philosophy and psychiatry KWM Fulford, Martin Davies, Richard Gipps, George Graham, John Sadler, Giovanni Stanghellini, and Tim Thornton (Eds, 2013) The Oxford Handbook of philosophy and Psychiatry. Oxford: Oxford University Press

3. IPPP Aims

Original work in philosophy often requires book-length treatment beyond even the generous (may be up to 8000 word) allowance of the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (PPP).

In offering this, the IPPP series aims to complement other books and book series – for example, a path-finding series from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Key challenges for the future include:

  • Extending the international range of contributors
  • Building on the diversities of both philosophical and practical perspectives represented in the series
  • Wider access to e-book editions
  • Further development of Open Access availability

We welcome ideas and proposals for contributions to both the IPPP book series and Oxford Handbooks


4. Acknowledgements

Richard Marley

We are very grateful to Richard Marley for his initiative and support in developing the IPPP book series. The series has made an important contribution to the development of philosophy and psychiatry in Oxford and across the world.

Richard went on the become Publishing Director of Life Sciences and Medicine at Cambridge University Press until his death in 2016

Martin Baum

We are very grateful also to Martin Baum for his continued support and for steering us through the early development of the Oxford Handbooks

The Team

Throughout the life of the series we have also had wonderful support from an array of team members both in Oxford and at OUP’s offices in the States and other parts of the world. We are very grateful to them all.