PPP – Overview and Key Features

Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (PPP) is a quarterly international journal from the Johns Hopkins University Press publishing peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of interdisciplinary work in philosophy and mental health.

Published in cooperation with:

  • The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • The Philosophy Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • The International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry
On this page

1. Overview and Key Features of PPP

PPP offers a comprehensive resource offering a lively combination of:

  • Feature articles – Each issue includes three or more substantial original research articles on topical issues in philosophy and mental health
  • Debates – Many main articles are paired with cross-disciplinary commentaries and responses from the authors
  • Special issues – PPP offers regular special issues guest edited by experts in different areas of the cross-disciplinary field
  • Reviews – PPP publishes review articles drawing together key developments in specific areas
  • Key Concepts – PPP’s Key Concepts feature articles provide focussed introductions and guides to further reading by experts on key concepts in the developing field of philosophy and mental health

2. Links to Further Information

Further information on all aspects of PPP is available via the following links: