Other Publications

In addition to the journal PPP and the IPPP book series and Oxford Handbooks, INPP maintains an informal register of book series, journals and other publications in the interdisciplinary field of philosophy and mental health.

On this page:

1. Register of Other Publications

INPP is dependent on submissions to the register which thus represents a small sample of what is now a burgeoning publication field. We hope nonetheless that the register will be helpful in identifying publications of interest. Please follow the link below for a brief guide to retrieving literature on philosophy and mental health or use the Contact INPP link if you have suggestions for adding to the register.

The register is in the form a list of publications in the subcategories

  • Book series
  • Open Access Journals
  • Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Subscription Journals

Most of the materials listed connect to further details as supplied on their respective publisher’s pages. You can access the register as a whole or focus on particular categories of publications by following the below links


2. Interviews

Conversations in Critical Psychiatry

Conversations in Critical Psychiatry” is an interview series for Psychiatric Times by Awas Aftab that explores critical and philosophical perspectives in psychiatry and engages with prominent commentators within and outside the profession who have made meaningful criticisms of the status quo.