PPP Editorial and Advisory Boards

PPP is edited by an Editor-in-Chief, John Sadler, together with a number of Senior and Associate Editors, a Managing Editor, and a Reviews Editor. The editors are supported by an Editorial Board and an Advisory Board.

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1. Editors and Editorial Board

Editor in-Chief

As PPP’s Editor-in-Chief John Sadler has responsibility for the overall direction of PPP and sign off of all contributions.​


Senior Editors

PPP’s Senior Editors support John by over-seeing the peer review of submitted Feature Articles and by commissioning commentaries and responses from authors.

Mona Gupta is a psychiatrist and bioethics researcher in the Department of Psychiatry, University  of Montreal, Canada.

Nancy Potter is Professor Emerita, Department of Philosophy adjunct with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, at the Universituy of Louisville, USA ​

Tim Thornton is Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health in the Nursing School at the University of Central Lancashire​

Is Nelson Mandela Professor of Philosophy and Psychiatry and Director of the Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

Is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, York University (USA), who specializes in mental health law and psychiatric patient advocacy


Associate Editors

Associate Editors have supported the early development of PPP and continue to assist as needed in various roles including peer review


Gwen Adshead is a forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She holds visiting professorships at Gresham College in the UK and at the Yale School of Law and Psychiatry in the USA


Michael Schwartz [Affiliations to be added]


Managing Editor


PPP’s Manging Editor, Sebastian Arvisor (Canada), is responsible for liaising with the publisher, the Johns Hopkins University Press  in particular on scheduling of issues.


Reviews Editor

Richard Gipps

The reviews editor, Richard Gipps (UK), monitors publications in philosophy and psychiatry and advises John Sadler on the commission of review articles. Richard is also the Editor of the INPP website.


Editorial Board

PPP’s Editorial Board members contribute in various ways to the editing and production of the journal including providing peer reviews


Advisory Board

PPP’s Advisory Board supports the editorial team as needed on any issues concerning the overall direction and management of the journal.  The Founder Chair of the Advisory Board was Baroness Warnock. Its current Chair is Bill Fulford who is also Founder Editor of PPP.

The Chair of PPP’s Advisory Board is Professor Bill (KWM) Fulford, Fellow of St Catherine’s College and Member of the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford, UK.


Editorial Policy and Governance

All contributions to PPP are subject to editorial and blinded peer review. PPP is subject to the governance procedure and code of ethics of its publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP)