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PPP journal, IPPP book series and Oxford Handbooks

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Other publications

This archive includes announcements of other publications that are more than five years old


INPP Publications Announcements Archive

PPP Journal – December 2021

The new issue of PPP journal: vol 28, no 4, Dec 2021, is now available. Contents: In Memoriam Osborne P. Wiggins, Jr., PhD, 1943–2021 •

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New Books – November 2021

There are a number of recent new publications in the field. 1. Luc Faucher and Denis Forest (Eds). (2021). Defining Mental Disorder: Jerome Wakefield and his

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PPP – September 2021

PPP – The September 2021 issue has been published Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (PPP) Volume 28, Number 3, September 2021 Table of Contents Feature Article       

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Philosophy of Psychiatry Newsletter

The August 2021 Philosophy of Psychiatry Newsletter has now been published.  It covers January – July 2021.

The newsletter is a collaborative production of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) and the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP).  For more information on AAPP and INPP you can follow them on Twitter.

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