How to Access Resources

Searching for materials in a relatively new area like philosophy and mental health presents particular challenges because most indexing systems have been developed for and work best in already established fields.

This is why INPP has used its website to build resources for retrieving materials on philosophy and mental health that complement those available from established sources.

You can use the website as a philosopher seeking materials from practice or as a practitioner (as a service user or service provider) seeking resources from philosophy


From this page you can link to:

  1. An Overall Search Strategy
    • Working back and forth
    • Established generic databases
    • Other generic resources
  1. Searching the INPP Website
    • Searching the INPP website as a whole
    • A list of INPP indexes for particular areas
    • How to search the INPP Indexes
  1. Other Resources and Sources
    • Philosophy Resources for Practitioners
    • Practice Resources for Philosophers
    • Resources for Both on Values-based Practice
  1. Free-to-download Full Text Resources
    • Resources for values-based practice
    • Oral history interviews hosted by Psagacity
    • Materials from The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry