2. Searching the INPP Website

The INPP website offers a number of targeted resources in the form of indexes that you may find helpful in searching for materials on philosophy and mental health

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Searching the INPP Website as a Whole

You can search the website as a whole with free search terms using the ‘search’ button that appears in the top right-hand corner of every page of the website (see screen shot).

The search function is limited in that it identifies pages that include your search term but you then have to scroll through the pages in question to find the relevant items


A List of INPP Website Indexes

Each section of the INPP website includes one or more indexes presented in the form of searchable tables. The available indexes are as follows:

INPP Section of the Website:
  • Individual Members
  • Organisational Members

Publications section of the Website:
  • PPP Contents index
  • IPPP volume index
  • Oxford Handbooks contents pages
  • Other publications cumulative list
Meetings section of the website
  • INPP conferences
  • Other meetings cumulative list

Impact Section of the website
  • Index of research and researchers
  • Index of educational providers
  • Index of service development initiatives

Resources Section of the website
  • Various indexes in The History and Archive section

How to search the INPP Website indexes

Step 1) A brief introduction to the tables indexing service development initiatives from values-based practice

You can use a simple four-step process to search the INPP website indexes

Step 1 – Read the Brief Introduction to the Index you want to search

Each table or group of tables starts with a brief introduction for those not familiar with the area in question

The screen shot (Step 1) shows by way of example the start of the brief introduction to the group of tables for values-based practice in the Impact section of the website (sub-page for service development initiatives)


Step 2 – Scan the List of Tables in the Index

Below the brief introduction you will find a list of the tables for that section.

The screen shot (Step 2) shows the list of the four tables summarising service development initiatives from values-based practice concerned with Regulation and Guidance

Step 2) List of tables for service development initiatives from values-based practice concerned with Regulation and Guidance
Step 3) First two entries for the Table of Individual Collaborating Centre Partners working on service development initiatives relevant to Regulation and Guidance

Step 3 – Click on the Table or Tables you want to search

You can open up each table by clicking on the list in question

The screen shot (Step 3) shows the opening entries in the Table that opens up when you click on the first of the lists in screen shot illustrating Step 2


Step 4 – Search

There are now three ways of searching the entries indexed in the Table or Tables you have opened

  1. Scroll – you can simply scroll through the entries
  2. Filter terms – you can use the prescribed filter terms that appear on the left/centre at the top of each table (see Screen Shot 3 above ) to bring items of interest to the top
  3. Free text search terms – you can use free text search terms with the search button on the right at the top of each table (see Screen Shot 3 above)


The tables offer only a summary for each entry – further information is generally available via links from marked terms or phrases in the entry in question

In the Screen Shot illustrating Step 3, for example, the links are included in the names in the right-hand column of the table – these links take you to more detailed personal profiles (in this instance these are hosted on the website for the VBP Collaborating Centre)