4. Free-to-download Full Text Resources

As in other academic and professional areas, literature and other resources for philosophy and mental health are increasingly available under open access provisions.

The INPP website includes links to a number of such resources


Resources for values-based practice

The resources for values-based practice hosted by The Oxford Collaborating Centre include a number of free-to-download full-text resources. See the More Information link for the Free Downloadable materials in the More about VBP section of the website.


Oral History Interviews hosted by Psagacity

PSAGACITY is a video-centered forum for innovative and analytic ideas in the philosophy of psychiatry, clinical psychology and mental health.  The videos featured on PSAGACITY include philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other scholars who think and write about conceptual issues in the mental health field.

PSAGACITY videos are licensed under Creative Commons level 2, meaning anyone can link, download, or post them, as long as PSAGACITY credit is given and the videos are not used for commercial purposes

PSAGACITY is privately owned but exists in large part due to closely affiliated organizations:  The International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry, The Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) Philosophy Special Interest Group, and The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry.

John Sadler
Among other functions, PSAGACITY video interviews collected by John Sadler with leading figures in the development of philosophy and psychiatry build a fascinating oral history of the discipline

Materials from The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry

Bill Fulford, Tim Thornton and George Graham’s (2006) The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry

The INPP website hosts a free-to-download complete copy of The Oxford Textbook. 

You can download either the complete text (over 800,000 words) or individual chapters with their associated selected readings.

Citation Reference: Fulford, KWM., Thornton, T., and Graham, G., (2006) The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. Oxford: Oxford University Press